We deserve sex-positive, body-positive support for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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as the
"provider for providers"

Highly trained,
holistic support for
the whole being.

This practice is in service to...

...healing trauma on a somatic level.

...guidance from a grounded place of abundance.

...sustainable relationships to our inner and outer ecology.

...the health and vitality of women, fat folx, migrant workers, polyamorous folk, queers, non-binary folk, gender non-conforming folk, trans folk, the bully and the bullied, persons with disabilities, artists, immigrants and those who feel oppressed by social ignorance.

...sex workers everywhere.
As a Sex-Positive Therapist, This Practice Will Always Be in Support of Sex Workers.

Sex industry professionals provide an invaluable service to society.

Sex workers offer cutting edge perspectives on the intersections of sex and gender. They offer insights into the dynamics of power in society. Sex workers are entrepreneurs.

Consensual sex work is an important business deserving of collective, community support.

Whatever your relationship is to the work, this practice is in service to you and the emotional wellbeing of sex workers everywhere.

Hi, I'm Elliott

I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, writer, and public speaker with a background in branding and small business coaching.

I've devoted my life to supporting those seeking to be in sustainable relationships to money, sex, and power.

I sought a degree in counseling psychology to offer entrepreneurs, entertainment industry personalities, artists, social influencers, feminists, sexual pioneers, students, and professionals support and healing the relationship to the feminine in all genders.

I've worked in regulated and unregulated industries.
I've juggled chronic illness while getting a degree and maintaining those businesses.
I've been educated to support others professionally with healthy boundaries.
I'm an immigrant. I'm queer. I'm non-binary.

I work with sacred archetypes of women and non-binary folk across global cultures. I offer Somatic and Attachment-Focused therapy informed by Womanism, Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology. I practice in an earth-based spiritual tradition which sustains my relationship to the work.

Rather than explaining or interpreting, my focus is accompanying you on this journey and offering reflections back to you.

Together we can work to identify values, make meaning, integrate experience, and build a network of support in your life.
A little more about
Elliott Endre

Elliott has worked in Britain, Canada, and the United States in public health, business, and human sexuality since 2003. They are an entrepreneur; starting, maintaining, and retiring from multiple successful businesses in Canada and the U.S.

They received a Master in Psychology from CIIS in 2016, and completed their graduate practicum offering sex therapy at the Liberation Institute of San Francisco.

They sit on the Board of Advisors for the NOWAK society, whose mission is to support people and communities in developing safe, informed, empowering relationships with ourselves, others, the medicines and drugs with which we interact.

They teach at San Francisco State University in the Graduate Department of Counseling.


  • Bay Area Open Minds: therapy professionals who support sexual and gender diversity (BAOM)
  • Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS)
  • The California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT)
  • GAYLESTA: a psychotherapist association for gender and sexual diversity


They speak regularly at clinical and research conferences and public events on topics of sex, psychology, and law. If you would like them to speak at your event, please contact them at elliottendre@sfsu.edu

Latest course: San Francisco Graduate Department of Counseling, COUN859-01, Sexuality in Counseling, Spring 2023

Western Institute for Social Research (WISR), 10th annual conference, On Therapy and Activism: “Cultural Gaslighting and “Real Work”; the psychosocial implications of SESTA-FOSTA”, Panel lead by Rosa Reinikainen LMFT, Oct 7th 2018

Center for Sex and Culture Film and Art Festival, 10th biennial conference, Caucus on Holistic healing and Sex Work, co-lead Bree Zimmerman M.A., April 25th, 2017

Got a Business?

Elliott also provides business coaching for determining your niche and presenting a brand that will find clients with whom you want to work. If this better suits your needs you can find their coaching offering here.
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